Lowry asks Taoiseach to ‘Insist that HSE Invest in a Modern Community Nursing Unit in Roscrea’

Michael Lowry TD ‘Taoiseach, I ask you on behalf of the people of Roscrea to insist on the HSE
investing in a modern facility offering a broad range of services catering for the
needs of older people, incorporating a bed complement for residential care for
the people of the town. I also ask that the Day Care Unit at Dean Maxwell be re-
opened, as it has not re-opened since Covid and this is causing a lot of disruption
and anger for people’
Deputy Michael Lowry was once again highlighting the issue of the future of long-
stay care at the Dean Maxwell Nursing Unit in Roscrea with the Taoiseach,
Michael Martin, during Promised Legislation in the Dail on Wednesday.
‘You are aware that the HSE has a plan in place to dramatically alter the
distribution of elderly care long stays in North Tipperary’ stated Deputy Lowry.
‘The existing 25 beds in Dean Maxwell will be transferred to Nenagh in order to
justify a new bigger unit. The HSE has consistently ignored all representations to
correct this absurd and unacceptable situation’ he said.
‘The HSE is running the show. They are dictating Policy. The Ministers appear to
have no say or zero influence.
‘Can you tell me, is it your Governments policy to downgrade Dean Maxwell?
Please tell the people of Roscrea that you are not going to stand back and allow
the HSE to close the long stay unit’ stated Deputy Lowry.

‘It is not the intention of Government to downgrade Dean Maxwell’ stated An
Taoiseach. ‘There have been various proposals brought forward. I know that
Minister Mary Butler will meet with Senior HSE staff and the Department of
Health tomorrow (Thursday) to discuss these issues and I will ask Minister Butler
to come back to the Deputies and other Oireachtas members from the county
following that meeting’