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Lee Looks For Roscrea To Rise Again

Roscrea activist Shane Lee has taken to Facebook I’m a bid to highlight the downgrading of The towns Garda station.

Lee, amongst others, is said to be very disappointed with the current resources and many in the town blame this for the recent spate of burglaries that have shook the area.

Lee took to Facebook asked the town to join him in a “rally” in the near future as he bids to get the situation highlighted.
Roscrea in recent years have stood their ground against many situations, most notably their March first the Dean Maxwell home and more recently the public meetings that helped in the formation of Roscrea Stands Up which is lead by Derek Russell.

Statement From Shane Lee……….

“The lights are on but “No One” at home.

I raised this issue last year some time about the down grading of our local Garda station in Roscrea.We were told it would not be down graded, please tell me I’m not the only One who has called to the station only to find the station too be closed,as late as this evening I called to collect an application form only to find the doors closed “Again”.I rang Roscrea diverted to Nenagh and was told lads are on a call no one will be there until 9pm change of shifts that was at 7.55pm,if you want call into Nenagh “IT’S ALWAYS OPEN” .

Let’s face it we are being let down the garden pat (And We Are Excepting It)when are we going to Really stand up for our town and stop being left behind,it’s so disheartening too see after all, we all depend on the Garda station at some stage.

In the coming days I will be organising a rally in town too highlight that the people of Roscrea are not going to except this (enough is enough).

I want to make this very clear,this is not an attack at any of the Guards working in the station in Roscrea as they are doing the best they can with little resources.

I also hope people do not put personal stuff on this status as anyone can be looking at it.”