Irish water is this Governments Waterloo by Cllr Seamus Morris

by Cllr Seamus Morris

The last week has seen this government trying to demonise the peaceful protesters who have taken to the streets including calling them everything from “dissidents” to “ISIS”. It is a tried and tested system used on Republicans in this state ever since they had the nerve to stand up to drug dealers in Dublin at the height of he Heroin epidemic.

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When the ordinary people become unwilling to believe the Government spin doctors and when they decide to stand up for themselves by marching peacefully in their thousands the automatic reaction by the national media and the government is to demonise the ordinary people and to frighten away potential future protests.

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This didn’t work in Nenagh on Saturday when hundreds of peaceful protesters showed Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan the proverbial two fingers by refusing to believe the attempt to coax them into registering with Irish Water. Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan tell us they are listening to the people but they are not listening attentively enough because the people don’t want reduced rates they want Irish Water closed down full stop.  

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Irish water is incapable of delivering the Water infrastructure that this country needs as it has lost the trust of the people. The way the company was set up reeked of arrogance when it was handed to Bord Gais without any due diligence, became a retirement home for ex county managers and consultants, spent 88 million on outside consultants, a half a billion on water metres, 44 million on computers, linked their staff onto bonuses, has 29 staff on over 130,000 a year, demanded peoples PPS numbers, failed to get a proper database and failed to get more than a quarter of potential customers to fill out their contracts with less than 600,000 of the potential 2.04 million people signing up their contracts fully.
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The arrogance of Irish water was compounded when the highly paid Irish water bosses had to be dragged kicking and screaming from their Ivory Towers by a government who needed someone to hide behind. When the Irish water legislation was first signed into law in the Dáil last year the whole opposition walked out to the sniggers and jeers of the Government, the sniggers and jeers are on the other side of their faces now as their arrogance has turned normal Irish people into god forbid “Dissidents” or protesters or even worse still “Dissident sympathisers!”
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It is noticeable however, that not one Councillor from the Troika parties of Fianna Fáil , Fine Gael nor Labour turned up for the marches in Nenagh showing complete disrespect for their electorate but then again they will all claim to be there when the protesters win this battle and Irish Water goes the way of the e-voting machines.
On December 8th at our county council meeting, I will give them a chance to vote Irish Water into history when I put a motion to them to support. I appeal to people to lobby their Tipperary county councilor and also it is important to send a final message to this Government on December 10th when Irish Water is destroyed along with this government by peaceful protest by ordinary people.



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