How to Help strengthen the Tipperary Community

Tipperary is a County of great beauty, with a people rich in culture , diverse in belief, yet we all face the same trials and tribulations on a daily basis.

For some the worries can be over powering and leading to a sense of aloneness not visable to the naked eye.

These worries while seeming trivial or small from the outside, may when viewed in the light of a persons domestic problems or addiction become an all encompassing dread for the days ahead.

We hear much about suicide from the tv, radio and papers, we see the distress and loss felt by those left behind, yet when the tv or radio move to another story or the article is read and put down, when the person left behind goes home and closes that front door,where does that leave us?

Campaigns and leaflets, community meetings and debate, beat their chests about the injustice of it all and angrily ask where are our services, and rightly so, but what about us?


We as communities can and should do so much more, we must not sit back and wait for someone else to fix it, to bring and impose a solution.

We as communities have the power and the resources to give everyone a chance at sunlight, a chance to make a difference and be a part of something greater than ourselves!

Throughout Tipperary there are community groups and voluntary organisations working hard to improve the social and physical landscape, to provide places of laughter and craic. Anyone of these groups could be the light at the end of the tunnel for that one person or even you!

If we do one thing a week, one activity or one meeting, to show that we care, how would that make people feel, would it encourage those who find it hard?

The activity does not require much, sure, clean up your estate, help with a sport event, join in with a group that helps the elderly, do a bit of shopping for a neighbour, these are but a few of the activities that will give you a sense of achievement and help someone else have a better day!

Why not give it a try, drop us a line on Tipperary Times, about how it made you feel and did it make a difference to someone.