Employment Group to support Ukranian Refugees

Under this measure, refugees escaping the war are granted temporary protection in the EU, meaning they can be given a residence permit and have access to education and to the labour market in the EU State to which they travel.

The decision by Ireland to move into line with the Schengen Area and waive visa requirements for Ukrainians entering the country has been similarly welcomed.

ERF President, Donal O’Donoghue, says the recruitment group applauds the Irish Government’s condemnation of the war and strong defence of Ukrainian sovereignty and democratic principles.

“We welcome Ireland’s contribution of humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine, and we pledge the support of the Employment & Recruitment Federation in making employment and training opportunity freely available to refugees, through our network of staffing professionals countrywide.”

Members of the ERF will do everything they can through their employment services to support those arriving into Ireland, helping them to find work and to learn new skills, the recruitment group reports.

“Under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive, Ukranian refugees would be entitled to these rights and supports for one year initially, which are then extendable by a further year. The ERF is willing and able to co-ordinate employment services for these people, as a matter of urgency, so that they can support themselves and their families through this crisis”, Donal O’Donoghue said.

The ERF group reports that ‘like all organisations in civil society, our members are appalled at the indiscriminate war being perpetrated in Ukraine, which has seen over one million people flee to neighbouring EU Member States’.

“Ireland and its people are never found wanting in response to humanitarian crisis, and the ERF will similarly provide whatever practical supports are needed by displaced Ukranians in our country.”