Browne expresses concern that soaring homelessness rates in Tipperary will be made worse by increased cost of living.

Teachta Browne said:

“The latest figures from the Department of Housing is further evidence – if any is needed – that the
homelessness situation in Co Tipperary is steadily worsening.

“The number of people classified as homeless by the Department of Housing has risen in Co
Tipperary to 47 –representing an increase of nearly 50% in the past year, which is far in excess of the
national rate of increase.

“According to the Simon Communities, homelessness was reduced by 19.3% month on month
between March 2020 and May 2021 when the moratorium on evictions was lifted.
“We have seen a surge in homelessness in Co Tipperary since then.

“It is also being made worse by a total lack of available rental properties in Co Tipperary coupled
with a rise in the cost of living that is making it impossible for people to make ends meet.
“Only last week the number of properties available to rent in Tipperary on Daft.ie totalled 16, with
the majority of these falling well outside the Housing Assistance Payment limits.

“Yet properties lie vacant while people become homeless.
“The GeoDirectories has confirmed that there are 92,000 vacant homes across the state.
“This must be addressed at government level.
“The soaring cost of living is adding to the sense of hopelessness so many people experience when
faced with this dysfunctional rental market. Many people will be approaching 2022 with a sense of

“We need to see the automatic extension of notice periods for residential tenancies where a tenant
is certified as being at risk of homelessness and allows a local authority to engage for a three-month
period with a person or family who is at risk of homelessness.

“The government must ensure local authorities have every power to prevent adults and children
from losing their homes and entering emergency accommodation.”