Aherlow Hotel dilemma demands urgent resolution – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said he is to seek an immediate meeting with Grant Thornton, the receivers of the troubled Aherlow House Hotel. Deputy McGrath was speaking as anger continues to grow among the several dozen couples who had booked the Hotel as the venue for their wedding receptions:

“In the interests of all concerned parties this issue must be resolved as quickly as possible.


At the very least there ought to be a willingness to honour commitments which were entered into in good faith on the part of those who had booked the Hotel to hold their receptions.

The shock manner in which the issue has arisen and the way in which it is continuing to proceed is very damaging to all those who have been affected.

At the local level this is extremely worrying, but in the broader scheme of things it is symptomatic of a merciless and ruthless opportunism on the part of profit driven international finance who are pushing the sale and receivership of the Hotel.

The kind of activity I might add which the outgoing government has done next to nothing to prevent occurring on all to regular basis. 

The affected couples are innocent victims in this whole sorry mess and so first and foremost it is to their interests that we must look,” concluded Deputy McGrath.