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12 Tips to Reduce Your Waste This Christmas

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1. Buy experiences rather than gifts!

2  Cook your Present! – invite friends over for dinner as a present and prepare a special meal of their favourite foods.


3.    More Gift Ideas – other great gift ideas include hand-made Christmas tree decorations, native trees vouchers, solar powered radios and torches, energy saving light bulbs, aid for development work overseas, or a home composter.

4.    Offset extra miles – give a tree or garden plant as a gift to help offset the extra miles travelled at Christmas.

5.    Buy a battery charger – avoid gifts which require batteries, or purchase a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries.

6.    E-Cards – Why not send a festive e-card instead of a paper one, or make your own from paper and textile scraps you find around the house.

7.    Alternative wrapping – Try alternative wrappings like newspaper, old material and string or ribbon that can be reused. Or consider gift bags as they can be reused over and over.

8.    Shopping Bags – Bring your own reusable bags when shopping. Say no to plastic bags.

9.    Make a List! – Make a shopping list so you’re not tempted to buy things you don’t really need or want.

10.    Low food air miles – Shop for locally produced food or fair trade labels. Challenge yourself to make dinner entirely from locally produced produce.

11.    Food for Thought – At least 30% of all the food we buy is thrown out!  Visit www.stopfoodwaste.ie for inspiring ideas on how to shop smarter for food over the festive period as well as recipes for what to do with leftovers. 12.    Recycle – remember to use your dry recyclable collection provided by your waste collector.  You can also use your local bottle bank and/or Recycling Centre.

12.   Buying Presents – buy locally produced gifts, you’re supporting local jobs and helping the environment by reducing air miles.  Treat someone to an “experience present” such as theatre or concert tickets, evening classes, restaurant vouchers, etc. to cut down on Christmas packaging.

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