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Statement by Cllr. Martin Lonergan on proposals to seek up to 10% increase on the Local Property Tax.

I want to acknowledge reports that Tipperary County Council is said to be seeking a 10% increase in the Local Property Tax at our meeting tomorrow, 12 September.
Although I was unable to attend a recent briefing on the proposals at a workshop for us as public representatives, I have subsequently studied the proposals and the presentation that was made on the day!
While I fully understand the budgetary strains on Tipperary County Council and acknowledge that an increase of 10% on the LPT would inject an approximate €100,000 a year into Clonmel/Chair Borough District, I feel for the extra monies which would be extracted from families across the District from what I believe in essence and in the first instance is an unjust and unfair tax, I could not and cannot justify it.
With families struggling to pay their mortgages, put their children back to school and college, trying to pay spiralling insurance costs and in some instances put food on the table, the smallest extraction of money from a families budget is not acceptable.
Therefore, I will be opposing any move at our County Council meeting tomorrow to increase the Local Property Tax and would urge my colleagues to do so also.


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