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Morris slams council tactics on property tax


I would like to utterly condemn Tipperary county council  Mayor Siobhán Ambrose  in her attempts to suspend democracy in order to manipulate a 10 % increase in property tax at yesterdays meeting. Despite the property tax agenda item being towards the top of the agenda the Mayor deferred the debate until Fianna Fail had brought their Councillors in line with their partners Fine Gael and Labour in proposing further pain on the already suffering public in Tipperary . It was amazing that when the debate restarted the body language from Fine Gael and Labour was one of defeat with not one of them saying a word in defense of their constituents who they were happy to sell out . I totally objected to any further austerity measures being imposed on an overburdened taxpaying Tipperary public. I also let the C E O know that it was not the taxpayers of Tipperary responsibility to replace the money diverted from much needed public services in Tipperary to the failed Irish Water quango. I also rejected the narrative being used by Tipperary county council by stating that Tipperary was a basket case going  cap in hand to the Property tax fund looking for a few shekels to keep poor Tipperary going. My point was that Tipperary will be well able to look after itself if we get the same level of Job investment as Dublin and also the fact that instead of allowing the  plundering  of Tipperary for water the council should remind the government that they would be better served bringing the jobs to the water meaning a more balanced spatial strategy. This means that the pact between Fine Gael / Labour and Fianna Fáil has been severely damaged at a a time when Fianna Fáil are readying themselves to bring the national Government down also . Democracy was  only delayed today but it returned when the property tax increase didnt even get proposed . Yours sincerely

Cllr. Séamie Morris M C C


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