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Morris calls for waste management collection permit extension


To Brain Stanley Sinn Fein environment spokesperson .

Brian I have a number of smaller waste collectors ( pay by bag ) who provide an invaluable service to estates in North Tipperary . He has collected rubbish for years from people who cannot afford yearly bin charges but yet act very responsibly by getting their rubbish collected weekly/fortnightly paying just 5 euros per bag keeping thousands of tonnes of waste from roadsides etc . One of the collectors has contacted me to say that he applied to Offaly county council for a license and paid 1000 euros to apply he was given a month by month extension while they awaited the pay by weight decision from the government . When pay by weight was kicked to touch by the Government for a year Offaly county council still went ahead and imposed the new pay by weight Waste management laws and revoked the mans license to collect as he was “unable to demonstrate that where household waste is to be collected in bags only ” . The only areas that can be designated for bags are cul de sacs or small roads / flats /apartments of which there are not enough for a business to be viable in Tipperary. I am advised that with the vacuum caused by the pay by weight kick to touch that we should pressurise the Department of Environment to give a 6 month extension to theses smaller collectors who are providing a valuable service as this waste is now gathering in peoples houses as the licences were taken away overnight This affects many local authorities and thousands of households . Let me know what you think .Yours sincerely

Cllr. Séamie Morris M C C


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