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Tipperary Broadband Plan Gets Clearer as New Map Launched

A new map service enabling people in Tipperary to find out whether they will get high-speed broadband from a commercial operator or the State has been welcomed by Alan Kelly TD, Minister for the Environment, Community & Local Government.

“Access to broadband is vital for every home and business in our county.

“Not only does it help attract investment and jobs to rural areas, but it also enables people to interact socially with one another, access important information about public services, and to use it as a learning tool.

“The new online map service launched today by my colleague, Communications Minister Alex White, allows people to easily identify the areas where broadband will be provided by a commercial operator by the end of 2016, and where the State will then intervene.


“Each county gets its own map, giving us a very clear and accurate picture of the specific plan to deliver high-speed broadband to every single home, school and business in Tipperary.

“The new maps are available on, where county-specific statistics on the plans for broadband coverage can also be viewed. A consultation on the maps will also get underway with communities and industry in order to ensure they accurately reflect the extent of the planned State intervention.

“The plan to have commercial operators deliver broadband in certain parts by the end of 2016, and for the State to then invest in all the remaining areas makes sense. It is part of the Government’s overall strategy to ensure parity of coverage between urban and rural areas.

“It simply should no longer be the case that just because someone is living in a rural community, they don’t have the same opportunities when it comes to online access.  

“In that vein, I strongly welcome Minister White’s confirmation again today to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban Ireland – the launch of the new maps service for each county is a step in that direction.”