Town Centres First strategy is a positive and Tipp is ready to showcase it

Speaking on the Town Centres First Policy, Teachta Browne said:
“This week the Transport Minister again confirmed to me that a bypass of Tipperary town will be
considered by TII for prioritisation in this context.

“He also noted that a consequence of a bypass would facilitate Compact Growth and improve road
safety. This key to how the Town Centre First Policy fares.
“Anything that promotes and allows for the development of town centres is welcome. But this
compact growth must be appropriately planned for.

“Tipperary town has a great revitalisation taskforce who have been studying in detail the
demographics of the town, the different needs of its people, its commercial needs and potential

“Equally, Roscrea, which has been allocated pilot funding under the strategy must have continued
resources directed to it for the plan to be successful. And housing must be an integral feature of

“The work being carried out by Tipperary town’s taskforce could also be used as a national showcase
of how a strategy to reclaim a town centre can be realised – if the funding were provided and
balanced regional development were really applied.

“Community-centred clubs like boxing clubs or jujitsu clubs who are working to give young people a
positive way of using their time must also be given the resources they need to continue in their
valuable work.

“For the clubs looking for accommodation and can’t seem to qualify, it is hugely frustrating to see
empty buildings – including unused IDA buildings – that would be ideal, not being made available to

“Tipperary’s rail links and roads infrastructure are also key features that cannot be forgotten about
in the Town Centre First strategy. Poorly planned timetables are taking away from the connections
that could prove so valuable for our town, and must be addressed.
“There have been some good murmurings about an additional service on the Limerick to Ballybrophy
line. This must be delivered upon, but also, this attitude also needs to be applied to the Limerick
Junction Waterford line.

“Town Centres First is a positive concept. But only if it is visionary. There are many people in the
towns concerned who offer that vision, and they must be listened to and adequately resourced.”