Sinn Féin calls for Government action on spiralling energy costs

The Bill will be debated in the Dáil on Tuesday.
Teachta Browne said:
“Sinn Féin’s Motion calls for urgent measures to support households affected by soaring home
energy costs.

“Costs have already risen by around €500 a year for an average household with over 30 price hikes
by providers in the last year alone and these costs continue to rise.

“This week alone, Bord Gáis Energy have announced further increases which will take effect from
next month.
“It is clear that we are in a serious cost of living crisis and the Government must act now to help
workers and families.

“The measures announced by Government in recent weeks, while welcome, do nothing to address
the spiralling cost of home heating.

“For example, their measure to extend Fuel Allowance will be provided only to those who already
qualify for the payment, and the Exceptional Needs Allowance, which the Government have
consistently pushed as an option for households yet, anyone working 30 hours or more per week
cannot apply.

“I’m being contacted by many workers and families across Co Tipperary who are struggling to make
ends meet.
“A recent poll carried out by Red C on behalf of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP) found that
37% of people have cut back on essential heating and electricity use and 17% have cut back on other
essentials, such as food, the poll found. This is completely unacceptable.

“People are under huge financial pressure and they need support. Despite this, many working
households continue to be locked out of access to support with eye-watering rises in energy costs.

“Sinn Féin’s Dáil motion on rising energy costs puts forward a range of measures which would
support households at this time.

“This includes the introduction of a cost of living cash payment of €200 for every adult with an
income less than €30,000 and €100 for every adult with an income between €30,000 and €60,000.

“In addition to our continued call for the cancellation of the scheduled carbon tax increase in May, we are proposing a further reduction of excise duty on petrol and diesel and the removal of the
excise duty on home heating oil for a temporary period.

“We are again calling on the Government to establish a Discretionary Fund to support households
who are struggling with utility debt.

“We also need to see the Fuel Allowance extended to those in receipt of the Working Family
Payment, which is a payment for provided to low-income working households.

“It is crucial that the Government take further action on soaring home heating costs, and that they
take it now. We need to see supports that reflect the scale of this crisis.
“I am urging all TDs in Tipperary and across the Dáil to back Sinn Féin’s Motion to support workers
and families with rising energy costs.”