Minister’s admission to litany of failures in Assessment of Needs for Tipperary children must now prompt swift action

Teachta Browne said;
“Today I challenged the Minister of State with Responsibility for Disability on the Government’s
failed approach to providing the interventions needed by children with disabilities.

“I raised with her various instances in which families across Co Tipperary have been unable to access
an Assessment of Needs for their Children and are enduring unending delays in securing

“Judging by the litany of failed practices the Minister finally admitted to, it seems as though the
Government has realised that there is nowhere left to hide its failings and those of the HSE.
“The minister told me that:

– None of the 91 Children’s Disability Network Teams (CDNTs) that were established around
the country to provide services and supports for all children with complex needs, are fully

– The Standard Operating Procedure for the Assessment of Needs – which the High Court
recently ruled on – was not fulfilling the legal obligations of the HSE.

– The interim reports on the Standard Operation Procedure of Assessment of Needs which she
is yet to receive are now ‘largely redundant’.

– The panel system isn’t fit for purpose, and it is actually eroding staffing levels in disability
– There are children waiting far too long on waiting lists and not getting intervention.

“I also note that the HSE yesterday told the Committee on Children, Equality, Disability, Integration
and Youth that it would not be appealing the recent High Court ruling.
“Today the Minister told me of her opposition to any such attempt as well.

“This is only right.
“Sinn Fein has been pursuing the government and the HSE on this relentlessly, and we will now
pursue them to act swiftly to rectify its failings, now they have accepted them.
“Assessment teams must be fully resourced to carry out a full assessment of need in compliance
with the Disability Act 2005, and the Minister must act quickly to vindicate the rights of children with
disabilities and ensure that no family ever has to take the health service to Court again in order to
access to their rights.”