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“My appalling treatment by C&C makes me fearful for Bulmers staff” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has expressed his astonishment and revulsion at the treatment accorded to him by the Groups Chairman Sir Brian Stewart at the C&C Group Shareholder meeting which took place at 11am this morning. Deputy McGrath was speaking after he attempted to convey to the Board of C&C the serious challenges being experienced by workers in the Bulmers Cider plant in Clonmel:

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“In the course of my duties as a public representative I have had to attend many shareholders meetings and AGM’s over the years; but my treatment at this meeting today was nothing short of aggressive and insulting.

I was initially informed that I would not be given access to the meeting despite the fact that I was acting as a legitimate proxy for a registered shareholder and despite the fact that the media and photographers had ease of access.

After making my objections known I was then rudely and brusquely directed down a corridor of the Hotel by none other than the Chairman of the Group Sir Brian Stewart. There is no other way to put it except to say that the Chairman was visibly outraged at my temerity in seeking to ask a limited number of questions on behalf of the Clonmel workforce.

My concerns were then subjected to a verbal dismissal and protestations by the Chairman that he had no time for such questions. It is deeply worrying to think that if the Chairman treats an elected public representative with such arrogant condescension then what hope have the workers who have been attempting to have their concerns addressed for some considerable period of time?

I have written directly to the Chief Executive of C&C Mr Stephen Glancey to demand an immediate apology not only for the disgraceful treatment I experienced but far more importantly for the continuous dismissal of the Groups Clonmel workforce who have been the powerhouse behind C&C’s year on year profit growth.

I would simply suggest to Sir Brian that he would be well advised to adopt a more conciliatory approach and perhaps that way he can avoid publicly humiliating the good name of his company by such unprofessional and spectacularly rude conduct,” concluded Deputy McGrath.