Morris lauds the Nenagh Municipal District Project management team

Great news for the Rialto Cinema site which has been awarded 1.2 million euros towards a 1.5 million euro project which will develop the site as an enterprise hub and a centre for town centre housing and a new street scape.

This will add to the 800,000 consultants brief for the Historic and Cultural Quarter and the 10 Million national centre of excellence for sustainable energy and Martyrs road and the recent purchase of Lisboney Industrial Estate by the Municipal district and also the opening of the new innovative Tourist Office.

The URDF and RRDF project management team of Martin Walsh Rosemary Joyce and Marcus O Connor are putting together top class applications which are getting over the line successfully due of course to their ability to work with state bodies like Bord Failte and our planning team.

We are lucky to have such skilled innovative and skilled operators which is putting Nenagh ahead of other applications . Nenagh is driving on thanks also to the fantastic Nenagh Live team who kept coming up with great ways of promoting the town watched by hundreds of Thousands of people across the world . Nenagh is driving on and I’m proud to be a small cog in the wheel .



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