Lowry Raises Concerns with Minister and the Tanaiste regarding Roadbridge

‘This is a shattering setback for workers and their families and a major blow to the economy of
Mid-West Region.

‘A big number of impacted employees and subcontractors are from across Tipperary.
‘Yesterday the workforce were told by the Receiver Grant Thornton that all employees had now
entered a 30 day calendar period called “Collection Redundancy Period”.
They will not qualify for Social Protection payments.
‘If they accept an offer of a job during the 30 days they will loose entitlement to Redundancy

‘In the past 48 hours I’ve been contacted by numerous people across the county who are
enraged by this unsympathetic approach to their dilemma.
‘I have been in contact with Heather Humphries Minister for Social Protection to highlight this
starling anomaly. The Minister will examine the possibility of giving a waver to the clause which
gives rise to the problem.

‘This punitive clause adds further grief to the trauma of workers who have lost their livelihood
and the income support for themselves and their dependent families.
‘The extremely serious situation at Roadbridge has massive consequences for jobs, and the
future of subcontractors. With up to 30 million owed to debtors the outlook is gloomy for those
caught up in the wreckage of a major company collapse’ he says.