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If you are thinking of investing in a BERG trampoline this year, here is some information you may need to know

If you are thinking of investing in a BERG inground or flat ground trampoline this year….here is some information you may need to know from our friends at JKC Toymaster, in Nenagh.

Commonly asked questions…

Do you need to dig a deep hole? 
No it slops down from the sides to a dept of 28″ in the
middle..just enough to allow you bounce on the mat.

Will they lift in the wind?
We havent had one move yet and storm Ophelia was a good
test! They are secured to the ground at 8 different points.

Can rodents or pets get in underneath?
No there is a net to prevent this happening

Will the hole flood?
If you have a very wet garden normally or if it tends to water
log then we wouldnt recommend a BERG inground or flat
ground..the more traditional BERG trampoline would suit

Do kids fall off if there is no net?
From our own experience….we have 3 kids and have had an
inground without net for ~7 years. The kids do not fall off
them and there is normally 3 kids + 1 or 2 adults on it!

Does the BERG inground trampoline get much use?Yes……without doubt the most used toy/piece of equipment
we have (and we are not short toys!)

We all use it….kids, mammy and daddy. Visiting kids always gravitate to it.

Another couple of points to note…

  • The BERG Ingound or flat ground is not an eye sore in your garden unlike the more traditional trampoline
  • Because there is no ladder to climb to get into the trampoline they get more use……they are easy for kids off all ages to access and they dont need to be lifted in by anyone!
  • They take a large bounce load.
  • …..greater than any other inground on the market……They are simply the best!

If you would like to hear more about BERG inground trampolines give Michael a call on 0872331602 and he will be happy to answer your questions.

JKC Toymaster, Nenagh delivery nationwide

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