Climate Change Plan targets “very challenging” but ICMSA say farmers are “part of the solution”

ICMSA to hold Farm Debt & Mortgage meeting in Horse and Jockey Hotel next Wednesday 12 June 2019


ICMSA and the Farming Independent are coming together to host a meeting next Wednesday 12 June in Horse and Jockey on the fraught issue of farm debt and mortgage problems. The questions around this subject are the cause of so much anxiety and pressure that the two bodies have come together to give affected farm families a way of presenting their problems to two of the state’s most expert professionals in the area of farm debt and mortgage. Gary Digney is a specialist accountant and insolvency practitioner, while Keith Farry is a barrister with a recognised reputation in the area of farm debt. The meeting will be chaired by ICMSA President, Pat McCormack, while Margaret Donnelly, Farm Editor, Independent News & Media, will also contribute. The experts will make short presentations outlining general problems, but the floor will then be thrown open and anyone wants to ask specific questions and get specific responses will be free to do so. Questioners will not have to identify themselves and so a degree of privacy will be kept for those who want that. Pat McCormack said that the meeting will strike the balance between respecting people’s wish for privacy and attempting to go past general outlines and deal with specific aspects that may be common to many in attendance.

“It’s hugely important that farmers affected by this issue can feel free to come along and see how many others are in a similar situation or have similar concerns. We also want to give people the opportunity to set out their problems for Gary and Keith, two acknowledged experts in this field, because it’s always better to have the information than to worrying on your own and unaware of possible responses. I’d really encourage people to come along because these kinds of opportunities to get the opinions of experts don’t come along that frequently”, said the ICMSA President.

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