Domestic Potato Market Report

Domestic Potato Market Report


Wholesale Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA


Low High Average
Rooster 10kg €1.80 €3.00 €2.10
Rooster Box €180 €240 €200
Kerrs Pink 10kg €1.90 €3.10 €2.10
Kerrs Pink Box €180 €230 €200
Whites Box €190 €240 €200

Trade for secondary material is still competitive at the moment however, those with good pre-packing quality are moving greater volumes. Most growers are moving reasonable quantities at the moment but a lot are below the cost of production. Some change is needed immediately, especially for those now incurring high storage costs. A few farmers are still planting and again one would urge those without a guaranteed outlet to save themselves from further losses next year.

While final production for 2014 will be strongly influenced  by conditions during the growing season, the general consensus out there is that plantings have not been reduced from 2013 acreages. At least 110000 (90%) of the UK crop is now planted and established crops are making rapid progress. It will probably be an early season in Europe if conditions remain favourable.


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