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Deadline to appeal ANC Designation “Fast Approaching”

By Ger Ryan

The appeals deadline of Monday, 8th April 2019, is fast approaching for the Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme (ANC), formerly the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme, in which there was re-designation of land late last year. Farmers who feel they have grounds to appeal should do so quickly according to ICMSA Deputy President, Lorcan McCabe.

“Following the review, over 2,000 townlands were included for the first time while 700 townlands were excluded.  For the farmers in the 700 townlands, this decision to exclude represents a considerable financial loss and the opportunity for these farmers to appeal this decision marks the final chance to be included in the scheme. In addition, farmers whose lands have not been designated can also appeal to seek the inclusion of their townland under the ANC scheme. There is also an opportunity to appeal the category your townland has been designated under and this is important in the context of the level of payment”, said Mr McCabe.

The closing date for all appeals is Monday, 8th April 2019, and Mr. McCabe concluded by advising all farmers intending to appeal their designation to do so immediately as the outcome could determine the ANC status of their land for many years to come.

Ends    25 March 2019

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Deputy President, ICMSA


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ICMSA Press Office

Ger Ryan