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Council outrage as Irish Water destroys its new meters-McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described as recklessly wasteful the latest metering controversy to emerge from Irish Water. Deputy McGrath was speaking after he uncovered the fact that GMC Sierra, the company charged with installing water meters on behalf of Irish Water removed up to 600 new council meters in the Mullinahone/Drangan area of County Tipperary and replaced them with their own :

“This action by a company working on the direction of Irish Water has made it blatantly clear that there is one thing driving all aspects of this sorry enterprise, namely the indecent rush for profit.


The County Council staff on the ground who were horrified at the waste had pleaded with GMC Sierra to call off their planned action given the fact the Council had just a year earlier spent precious time and money to install the meters. These pleadings which were completely ignored has resulted in this latest fiasco.

What this demonstrates is the absolute priority that must now be given to wresting control of our water infrastructure away from Irish Water and giving bringing it back under full State control.

It also continues to prove that in the teeth of fierce and legitimate opposition Irish Water and their agent companies have not lost any opportunity to trample over communities concerns and continue to alienate almost the entire population.

I also find it shameful that the Parliamentary Question I submitted on this matter to Minister Alan Kelly was replied to in the most evasive manner and indeed it utterly failed to deal with any of the substantive issues. The Minister should well know by now that these tactics will not wash and will only serve to further discredit an already toxic agenda around matters related to our water infrastructure ,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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