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IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said sheep farmers have reacted angrily and pushed back hard on attempts by the factories to cut lamb prices over the weekend.

He said agents were on the receiving end of farmer anger when plants tried to cut the price by another 30c on last week’s price.

Sean Dennehy said this attempt by the factories is seen as unjustified and irresponsible when the market is strong with Ramadan set to continue for another three weeks until June 15th. “Farmers see this for what it is: an attempt by the factories to undermine the market.”

He said €6.50/kg plus bonuses to 21kg is being paid this morning in some of the plants. Agents are saying that the number of fit lambs is tight enough on the ground. Top prices of €6.30/kg to 23kgs was paid for hoggets late last week. Ewes are making €3.00/3.10/kg.

The IFA sheep farmers leader said farmers should only market lambs when they are fully fit as severe price sanctions are being imposed on underweight lambs and hoggets in nearly all of the plants.

Sean Dennehy said farmer don’t need to be reminded of the severe conditions, extra feeding and losses this spring and they should bargain hard when selling lambs.

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