Author: Bertie Nesirky

  • Can a person be illegal?

    Can a person be illegal?

    By Bertie Nesirky Labels are dehumanising people caught in a migration crisis Uncertainty is the media’s friend. A crisis sells and the profit driven media is keen to capitalise on this. Likewise, fringe and radical political movements are aware that in crisis people turn to those who offer an alternative. These two forces, for profit […]

  • It’s not illegal, but it is censorship by Facebook

    It’s not illegal, but it is censorship by Facebook

    Anti-Russia sentiment is damping a public reaction to Facebook’s censorship of Russian Today. By Bertie Nesirky While our eyes lay on Donald Trump’s raised palm, another event, or at least scrutiny of what it indicates, avoided the public eye. Facebook blocked a Russian, government backed, news network, Russia Today, from posting on Facebook for 24 hours. […]

  • Demagoguery is nothing new

    Demagoguery is nothing new

    Figures with powerful influences and selfish motivations are commonplace in history. With tools of mass communication it’s surprising that modern radical politics isn’t faring better. By Bertie Nesirky, Journalism Student A struggling person always wants an easy answer, it is an inescapable part of being human. Picture a public figure. One who promises to restore, secure, […]