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We need a New Republic because this one is broken – Séamie Morris


Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Councillor Séamie Morris has called for a New Republic, saying that the existing right-wing parties have bankrupted and broken this one. He was speaking on the occasion of his official election launch in the Park Hotel, Clonmel, on Friday.


Councillor Morris said: “Together we can build a New Republic, because this one is broken.

The last two governments have been among the most regressive and damaging that we have seen since the foundation of this State. We were told Labour would offset the right wing conservative economic policies of Fine Gael. Instead that pretend-left party rolled over and betrayed the very principles on which it was founded in 1912, here in Clonmel. The party of Larkin and Connolly has sunk deeply since then.


This is a country where what’s in your pocket dictates your right to healthcare. A country that hasone of the worst health systems in Europe. When Labour were sinking, they brought us with them.”

Fine Gael have always been known as the party of the wealthy, the party of big business that prioritises the rich over those most in need. It has been no surprise to the Irish people to findstealth taxes, property tax and the cruel water charges heaped upon them. In addition, they have given us a housing crisis the likes of which has never been seen before in Ireland.”

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Our health system has not simply fallen apart on its own. Our social housing policy has not simply become disastrous overnight, all by itself. These and other failings are the direct result of the policies of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and Labour governments. Those parties lack care for ourpeople. They have bankrupted and broken this Republic, but not our dream of one.


Ending on a message of hope, Cllr Morris added: “In this once-in-a-lifetime historical year, 100 years after the Proclamation and the Easter rising, we have a unique opportunity to realise the ideals put forward in our Proclamation. We have a chance to “to cherish all of the children of thenation equally”.”

This is our time as Republicans to reclaim that Proclamation and see that the ideals and principles set out in it come to fruition. This is our chance to make real change, and to let the people of Tipperary see that we are all “better off with Sinn Féin”.”


This year the more doors we knock on the more chances we have to share our dream, and to offer hope to those who have lost theirs.”


Together we can do this. Together we can build a New Republic, because this one is broken. We push forwards to the Republic….. Le chéile!”



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