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Tipperary Council must explain rejection of NAMA Social Housing – McGrath

“Tipperary County Council must explain rejection of NAMA Social Housing offers,” Mattie McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council Joe MacGrath to clarify reports that the local authority only accepted a fraction of the 161 properties that were offered to it by NAMA for social housing within the county. Deputy McGrath was speaking after information provided to the Irish Times newspaper revealed that the states 31 local authorities rejected more than 1,000 homes because of a lack of demand for housing in their areas:

“It is being reported today that of the more than 6,600 houses and apartments offered by Nama, some 16 per cent were turned down by city and county councils because there was “no demand” for social housing.

Of the 161 properties offered to Tipperary County Council, ‘No Demand’ was reported for 91 of these while a further 57 were “Rejected for Sustainable Community Reasons.”

This seems absolutely incredible in the face of the obvious crying need for social and affordable houses within the county.

The CEO of Tipperary County Council must explain in clear and reasonable terms why it rejected so many of the properties that were offered to it.

From the numbers being reported it seems that Tipperary County Council only confirmed demand for 13 of these properties.

So many people who will be become of aware of this news will feel very frustrated given the length of time they and their families are spending on housing waiting lists or in otherwise unsuitable accommodation,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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