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The Birds “set to thrill” at the Source Theatre


Following the success of their previous production, Disco Pigs, Tipperary-based company Sound Out Theatre return to The Source Arts Centre on the 7th of October with their production of The Birds by Conor McPherson.

The Birds is adapted from the chilling short story by Daphne du Maurier, which was also famously made into a horror film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963. McPherson sets his adaptation in a modern day New England farm house where three strangers find themselves thrown together in an unnatural post-apocalyptic world. The plot twists and turns through the human psyche and we discover the depths to which a person will sink as a hard-wired need to survive takes over.

Sound Out Theatre was formed earlier this year and prides itself on being a local company. The long-term aim of the group is to provide regular professional work for Tipperary creatives, be they actors, writers, directors, designers or technicians. Artistic Director Katherine Fielder is passionate about enabling local talent to work close to home, ‘We want to create a hub of talent in Tipperary. We have great facilities and tremendous support here at The Source Arts Centre so it makes total sense to use that to its fullest potential. There is a wealth of talent within the county and we want to make it easier for that talent to thrive without being forced to move away to Dublin or London.’ Katherine, who is originally from the UK struggled to find acting work when she left London to return to her native county of Sussex, ‘I want to provide the opportunities that weren’t there for me. I think it’s such a shame that young people looking to make a career in theatre are essentially forced to move to the big cities. Let’s celebrate what we have here and make something substantial and long-lasting. Druid did it in Galway, so why can’t Sound Out do it in Tipperary!’

Joanne Quinn is fresh off Belfast’s most renowned stage The Lyric Theatre, Joanne is delighted to be back in her home town working with Sound Out on their newest production of the thrilling masterpiece by McPherson; The Birds. Since graduating with an Honours Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from University College Cork, Joanne has worked in professional theatre and film in Ireland, Europe and America. She furthered her studies at post graduate level at Queen’s University, Belfast and since then has been inspired to build her career around physical theatre working as a performer, writer and director. She is also the youth theatre coordinator for the local Tipperary Youth Theatre in Nenagh and Thurles. Recent theatre credits include: The Things People Say – The Lyric, Capitalism – The Musical, Disco Pigs, The Hairy and The Fairy, Oisin in Tir na nOg, Big Big Trouble with the Santa Claus Double, The Real Deal, Doughnuts and Hubble Bubble. Joanne will be appearing in the annual Nenagh Arts Festival, Spleodar in October when she revives her children’s theatre show The Hairy and The Fairy.

Steven Lafford, a native to Clonmel and graduate from the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, resonates with Katherine when it comes to local talent. ‘After spending three years in Dublin, I could never find my way back to the big city. Supporting myself while doing what I’m passionate about seemed impossible, so co-founding Sound Out Theatre with Katherine and Joanne Quinn in Tipperary became my soul focus. We have the passion to provide a high standard of theatre for the local community, as well as collaborate with locals to make a positive impact on the surrounding areas’.

Trevor Somers, Catherine O’Donnell McVicker and Joanne Quinn are all local actors in The Birds. ‘It’s been a real pleasure to work with Sound Out Theatre and everyone involved’, writes Trevor. ‘The company very much works as an ensemble which is a solid base for any theatre company to grow from. The approach to text is open, curious and versatile and the emphasis is on moving it from day one, with Meisner work and other methods it’s a very productive and fun experience for everyone involved. It’s a greatly positive thing for Tipperary to have a progressive theatre company like Sound Out in the county. ‘I enjoy local projects as well as using art to empower people and raise awareness of important issues’, writes Catherine. ‘The rehearsal process with Sound Out has been intense, fun and continuously evolving. Katherine has such a strong vision for this piece, and that passion creates a positive ripple in the rehearsal room and a great sense of teamwork. I really look forward to seeing more of their work in the future’. Joanne Quinn, co-founder and actor with Sound Out Theatre, says she is ‘delighted to be working in her home town again’, and stresses the importance of the arts both locally as well as across the country. ‘Tipperary isn’t just good for churning out great hurlers – there is some whopper talent in the theatre too!’

‘It’s great to see group of local actors and theatre practitioners looking to develop a strong professional company that produces quality work.’
Artistic Director of the Source Arts Centre Brendan Maher

The Birds is showing at The Source Arts Centre in Thurles on Friday October 7th at 8pm. Ticket are €13 and are available now from the box office. Find us on Facebook at SOUND OUT THEATRE.


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