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Rights of Children in Emergency Accommodation Being Breached – Report

The ISPCC today released a statement, welcoming the annual report from the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection to the Oireachtas.

Discussed in the report is the breach of children’s rights who are placed in emergency accommodation, the online “right to be forgotten” and concerns that the criminal justice system does not allow children’s voices to be heard. Cyberbullying and it’s effects is also examined, a welcome discussion by the ISPCC who pioneers the Shield Anti-Bullying programme. 
ISPCC CEO Grainia Long has stated that now is the time to act, with “child protection issues arising from the housing crisis, cyber safety and the failure to hear the voice of the child in the justice system” all being areas of immediate concern for the ISPCC. Earlier this year it was reported that 1,394 children were living in hotels and B&B accommodation in Dublin, having inherent risks which were not being addressed. 
The ISPCC provides services for children and young people including Childline, Childline Online, Behavioural & Emotional Support and Mentoring.  For more information, please visit ISPCC.ie 

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