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Templemore gets go ahead for more Christmas Lighting

Tipperary County Council has drawn much criticism from residents of Templemore in the past number of weeks. The town has grown accustomed to the warm festive glow of Christmas lights in recent years. The lights welcome back Templemore’s son’s and daughter’s who have left their home town. The lack of lighting in the town has drawn much criticism.

It appears Fianna Fáil Councillor John Hogan received positive updates regarding the situation today. The delay in the town receiving lighting was due in part to the old dangerous cables and lights being replaced.

“Extra Christmas lights will be erected in Templemore around the Town Hall and the square in the next few days.
The old lights were damaged and dangerous and new ones had to be purchased.”

Understanding the criticisms the council has received in recent days, Hogan was also lauded praise on local shops and businesses; “I know there has been many negative comments about the lights and that’s acceptable but I also think it’s important to say that the shopkeepers have done a wonderful job on their window displays and there is a lovely Christmas atmosphere in Templemore. A visit for a few hours shopping following by a walk in the Park and some refreshments around town would be a wonderful to spend a day around Christmas.”

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