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€9.6 Million for 60 new homes in Tipperary


Cllr Seamus Morris welcomes the €9.57 Million funding for Tipperary County Council to construct 60 homes

Cllr Seamus Morris of Nenagh has welcomed the announcement that over €9.5 million is to be allocated to Tipperary County Council for the construction of new homes in the county.

In a statement to Tipperary Times, Cllr Morris stated:

“I would like to welcome the €9.57 million euros which has been announced to be used for a number of social house construction projects in Tipperary. I am particularly pleased that €1,436,935 has been dedicated to constructing 9 social housing units of various sizes in Mulkear View in Newport.

Mulkear View has plenty of potential and I commend Tipperary County Council for putting this project forward along with the town park project which is now one step nearer thanks to this announcement. I want to commend the people of Newport for their patience. I would ask Tipperary County Council to think outside the box when allocating these units as I feel that young families who are earning just over €35,000 but yet cannot get on our council list should be thought of otherwise they are condemned to a life of renting.

I would also like to say that I am aware of housing needs right across the Nenagh Municipal area and I feel that where Tipperary county council owns land we should be putting forward proposals for further funding . For instance Tipperary county council has recently purchased 40 acres of land for housing at Streame in Nenagh and I would like some social housing included in the Master plan for the area.”