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Cllr Browne unhappy with Rural Plan Announcement


Cllr Martin Browne of Cashel Sinn Féin Tipperary has poured scorn on recent announcements from the government and their plans for rural Ireland. Browne has claimed that the €60 million which was announced is over a three year period and is been spread over 600 rural towns and villages.

Cllr Browne said: “Any and all money being spent in rural areas is welcome. But these announcements are just a rehash of different previous announcements from this Fine Gael led government. We have heard it all before.”

“If this money is spread evenly over the proposed 600 towns and villages that very little work or improvements will be done in any area. €60 million sounds like a lottery windfall, but everyone knows that if you divide a win by 600 members that no one is getting a lot.”

“How can we or the public take these measures seriously, when at the same time their policies are aimed at closing down more post offices? That will has a huge knock-on effect especially in small towns and villages.”

“Rural Ireland is in big trouble if Fine Gael don’t change their policies; they say they’re trying to get people back to rural areas, but for this to happen, they need to provide proper services in these areas.”

“For young couples to make the move from a city, they require an assurance that school places will be easily available on the basis of equality, that public transport can be accessed, that childcare can be accessed, that there are shops stay open, and most importantly that high speed broadband is available.”

“The announced measures are no more than window dressing and unless more funds are made available, very little change can be made.”

“If Fianna Fáil had any principles they would hang their collective heads in shame for their continued role in keeping this Government in place; they’re helping them to continue with austerity measures, and all the harm that does. Then again, they’re the ones who bankrupted the country in the first place.”

“And I find myself laughing at the Labour Party, who today attack Enda’s Austerity Government for implementing policies that only less than 12 months ago they pursued and supported when they themselves were in Enda’s Austerity Government.”