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Carey welcomes Clonmel Credit Union rejection of Merger

Planned Merger Between Clonmel Credit Union and Charleville Credit Union is off

Deputy Mayor of Clonmel and District Cllr Catherine Carey,  Clonmel Sinn Fein Cumann,is delighted to announce that the planned merger between Clonmel Credit Union and Charleville Union has collapsed and will not now be proceeding.  On foot of the recent meeting called by Cllr Catherine Carey, there had been a call for an E.G.M. by the shareholders of Clonmel Credit Union.  On the night of that meeting there was an overwhelming rejection of the proposed merger.  People power has won the day and the merger will not be happening.

Cllr Carey is very pleased with this and thanks everyone who lent their support to the meeting by attending and voicing their feelings and worries. The Credit Unions are community based and through positive the community’s wishes have been honoured.

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